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Toverify enables Life Sciences companies to achieve the license validation requirements for DSCSA/DQSA and VAWD authentication compliance. In order to tighten the country's drug supply and prevent counterfeiting, The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA / DSCSA), requires that all trading partners be authenticated with the proper licensure for distribution activities. The law includes facilities from which you receive products, those to whom you are passing title, and the facility to which you are shipping. In addition, all wholesalers and 3PLs must be registered with the FDA.
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Toverify is your solution.
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Are you relying solely on your ERP's verification service to check state licensure? While that's commendable, what happens when it flags a hold order? Does it automatically investigate and resolve the issue, or does that burden fall on your customer service team? Let's be real, constantly sweeping water uphill is a waste of time and resources. Your customer service department deserves to focus on serving customers, not chasing down verification errors. Consider Toverify as a solution to this daily problem - Why not ask your customer service department for their input.


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ToVerify has worked with pharmaceutical companies of all sizes to ensure compliance with all state verification requirements. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions and offer guidance regarding any verification concerns.

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